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We are your go-to Microsoft experts who are seasoned financial professionals passionate about helping accounting and bookkeeping businesses succeed in streamlining their business processes through Microsoft 365 Business.

CSB Creative Business Solutions believes that small businesses are the backbone of our nation: to succeed, they need support through an affordable and reliable community to help assure their longevity. We have been delivering personalized and high-quality technology strategies for over 20 years and have the passion and experience to help your business operate in the most streamlined form possible.

Are you ready to increase efficiency and improve your bottom line?

Are you an entrepreneur looking to save money in the long term, with the goal of streamlining your accounting or bookkeeping business to function in the most organized way possible? 

Have you been using multiple apps that don't connect with each other and have ended up costing you more time and money than you expected?

Are you having a hard time effectively communicating with your team and clients, especially in the new era of remote work? 

Do you find yourself spending too much time focusing on administrative tasks and not enough time growing your business? 

Our Community Leader

Our community lead is Cathy Badry, BComm, CPB a seasoned Microsoft and I.T. professional with extensive experience and knowledge in the world of accounting. 

She will help you systematize your Microsoft 365 Business subscription to ensure you are making full use of the program and reduce your need to rely on outside integrations, keeping your online processes synced and secure.  

By working closely and collaboratively with her students, Cathy fosters a unique community space for like-minded business professionals to connect and learn together. 

Cathy is confident that with hard work and dedication, Microsoft Business 365 will be successfully integrated into your business while being a member of the CSB Training Community. 

If you're ready to move the needle on your business using Microsoft 365, this community is for you

We are a group of seasoned individuals who understand the ins and outs of the business world and have created an online tight-knit, knowledgeable community for you. 

Our members are boundary-breakers; they strive to provide the best possible streamlined processes for their businesses while offering automated services that make their own lives and the lives of their clients easier.

Let's start at the beginning. Did you know that your business could be wasting hundreds of dollars a month on apps that you don't actually need? Microsoft 365 Business offers businesses a powerhouse of resources to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness in the processes and people that matter most. 


Throughout our years in this industry, we have noticed a clear gap in understanding these applications and how to apply them in everyday use within your organization efficiently. Learning these processes on your own can be confusing and stressful… that's where the Creative Business Solutions Training community can help. 


Helping entrepreneurs succeed in the financial sector is at the heart of what we do. 


Individual training courses on Microsoft 365 and Office 365 apps


Networking opportunities with like-minded business professionals


Webinars on Microsoft 365 Business & Office 365 apps and their utilization 

Want to hear why our students love the Creative Business Solutions Training community and courses? 

Our Membership Options

Sometimes, the biggest challenge is taking the first step. ​

If you utilize all of the features of Microsoft 365 Business, you can have peace of mind knowing that you took the proper steps within our community to streamline your business, create more time, and spend less money.

With seamless integration, our courses & community help increase overall efficiency, making life easier for you and your business. 

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