It is no hidden fact that COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in everyone’s plans for the past 18 months. Many different industries have seen massive and rapid changes in the workplace. The work from home trend has become an increasingly popular option for both employers and employees alike. As COVID-19 is beginning to decrease, many different businesses have faced the challenge of going back to “business as usual.” Although the answer may vary for various businesses, the importance of streamlining your business post-COVID era is critical for future success.

Working From the Office or From Home: What is the Ideal Work Environment? 

While some workplaces have moved to total remote work, others have adopted the hybrid work model, which focuses on giving employees the choice to work from home or in the office. Increased flexibility in the workplace boosted productivity and morale from employees.

Now that all of the mandatory Alberta mandates are close to being lifted, many businesses are deciding to continue letting employees work in a hybrid model. This change allows and empowers employees to choose what works best for them while still producing quality work. Some businesses that cannot have staff work from home are facing staffing issues because employees want to continue to work from home. 

The Chosen Network And Security For Your Hybrid Work Model  

With many businesses adopting the hybrid model into their overall business plan, ensuring that your business is secure should be a high priority. With Microsoft 365 Business, employers and companies can ditch all of the typical third-party applications their employees use and streamline their communication. Microsoft 365 Business offers tools and features that most people don't utilize or even know to exist that would streamline their business processes. Many businesses don’t realize that deleting the apps your business doesn't need increases the overall efficiency, and all Microsoft 365 Business applications integrate seamlessly. Ensure that your employees are on the same page, even when they are working remotely!